Poet’s Corner: White Sky

By a Bolton Hill Neighbor, June 14, 2015, 9 am

pressing down
leaning on unwary humans
in the “orange” air.
I dash to the trash
with a banana peel
and turn my face up
slowly breathing in
all-over moisturizing.
Only orange to be seen
are thirsty tiger lilies
drooping into the alley.
Breathless Linden trees
perfume the soggy scene.
If I sit here for prayer
will I become one
with Normal?


By Nell O’Hara

Rub together my hands,
Take a deep breath,
Watching me are all my friends,
Flash a smile.

YoyoUp goes my wrist,
Gently toss it down,
It plows through the mist,
It is almost there.

Jerk! A gentle swish,
It starts to climb its way up the string,
Catch! I did not miss,
In my palm… Flawless.

Clapping in the background,
I carefully take a bow,
I did it! I did it!
But it’s all over now.

Poet’s Corner


A poem by Nell O’Hara

Sparks fly,
Aimlessly throwing shapes into the sky.

Every color,
Beauty no viewer can deny.

A spiral spins into the night.

Throws a star out of sight.

An unknown geometric shape.

A flower shoots to an unknown place.

Show on every face.

16-01 fireworks



By Peter Van Buren

Beads of thought connect,
memories swirl, align to
rework life’s necklace.


By Jean Lee Cole

Summer’s last breath
Settles over the city —
Teeth on edge.

Little Wildrose

By Nell O’Hara

Majestic wings,
Twirling at the tips,
At the end sort of drips.

A bright sort of glow,
Hue, aura,
You know.

An unusual sparkle,
Unable to match,
Yes, she’s a good catch.

But please set her back free,
She’s wild,
You, see.

Her cheeks are like roses,
Her smile, so flashing,
Yes, she’s very eye-catching.

But you’ll never see her,
You can search high and low,
She, herself, you’ll never know.


By Nell O’Hara

IBirthday cake can’t distract my eyes,
From the cake over there,
It was supposed to be a surprise,
But do you think I care?

It’s pink, frilly icing,
Three stories tall,
I can’t wait ‘till the slicing,
The treat just seems to call.

Mother sees me staring,
Amusement on her face,
With the smile she is wearing,
She asks, “Would you like some cake?”