Crime Concerns

Many concerns were expressed at September’s MRIA meeting about recent criminal activity in the neighborhood. Councilman Eric Costello addressed concerns about communication between police and residents. In particular, many in the community wanted more information sooner in the days following the sexual assault in August.

Captain Howe apologized for the suboptimal police communication with residents. He also announced a citywide plan being developed to improve community outreach and communication. As part of this effort, they met with Barbara Klik, Jill Kingery and others from the MRIA Safety Committee to discuss improving communication, especially regarding major safety incidents.

The Bolton Hill Electronic Network (BHEN) will be used as a part of this communications plan. If someone witnesses or is involved in a crime or safety incident, they should report this directly to BHEN, which will work with police to alert the neighborhood about emerging problems.

If you see anything that looks or feels suspicious, call 911 (not 311). If you are dissatisfied with your response, Major Howe and Captain Jones encourage you to ask to speak with a supervisor.

Linden Park Apartments

Renovations at Memorial Apartments—soon to be renamed Linden Park Apartments in Bolton Hill—have been underway for some months. Nancy Hooff and Jake Stern of Somerset Development reported at September’s MRIA Board meeting that renovations are now almost 60% complete.

The renovated building will feature a new multipurpose room, a community kitchen, a computer lab, library space, and a lounge with a gas fireplace. The gardens immediately to the rear of the building are being re-landscaped, and new plantings and a fence will replace the overgrown pyracantha hedge that formerly ran along the north side of Mosher Park.

However, citing budgetary restrictions, Somerset Development reported that they are not, unfortunately, planning any new improvements to Mosher Park.

Your Help Needed

Great opportunities to make a difference in your neighborhood and the City:

Bolton Hill Bulletin As we move the Bulletin online, we could use more help, particularly with the “how to” side of online advertising, but also with selling and managing ads, copywriting, proofreading, and posting. Come join the fun and be part of the neighborhood’s communications department. Email us at

Fitzgerald Park For years, Andrew Fontanella and Charles Holman have taken the lead on maintaining this neighborhood gem. Under their guidance, the Park has blossomed, bringing pleasure to all. As they now step down from this role, we need volunteers to step up to help Jackie Richardson, who has been pulling weeds and planting flowers right along with Andrew & Charles. She can’t do it alone. Email her at and enjoy making things grow.

Neighborhood Schools Mt. Royal School, Eutaw-Marshburn Elementary, and Booker T. Washington all need help, and it just takes an hour or two per week. When kids grow up knowing their neighbors, they are better citizens and good friends. Call Monty Howard at 410-243-2902 or just visit the administration office at the individual schools if you’d like to pitch in.