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The Home Weekly: Our First Neighborhood Newsletter

Bolton Hill Weekly
The Dec. 19, 1908 of Bolton Hill’s first neighborhood newsletter, the Home Weekly, produced by the Davis children at 1701 Park Ave.

The Bolton Hill Bulletin began publication 35 years ago and is one of Baltimore’s longest-running neighborhood newsletters. But it was not Bolton Hill’s first neighborhood newsletter. That honor may go to the Home Weekly, which appeared on the streets of Bolton Hill more than a hundred years ago–and was written and published by a group of kids.

Francis, the eldest, declared in 1910 that it was precisely “Our aim … to show the curious the literary talent concealed in the family of Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Davis and aid in bringing out and developing the abovementioned talent. If we succeed only partially in fulfilling this aim we shall be more than satisfied.”

Lacking access to photocopiers, mimeograph machines, or printing presses, each issue of the Weekly was painstakingly copied, by hand, by Assistant Editor Allan Davis. For this reason, they initially charged only a penny to those who wanted to read an issue, and a nickel (worth about $1.25 in today’s dollars) for readers who wanted their own copy.

Read the entire Christmas issue of the 1908 Home Weekly—and all the neighborhood news today—by clicking the link below.