Featured in our September 2017 issue:

Reconciling Bolton Hill’s Monumental Past 

Now that the city of Baltimore has taken down the all four Confederate monuments—including one in Bolton Hill—the question is: What next? Is the plinth left on Mt. Royal Ave. left empty? Does it become a platform for MICA students and other artists to express themselves? Should another statue be erected in its place?  

The plinth that remains after the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors monument was removed on Aug. 16, 2017.

While many feel great relief that these statues have finally come down, many others may be surprised or even taken aback by the City’s actions. Few are aware of the origins of these statues, their ties to the Lost Cause movement and the strong white supremacist overtones that surrounded their installations.

So—why was the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors monument erected in Bolton Hill in 1903? Rev. Grey Maggiano, rector of Memorial Episcopal Church, digs into the past and reflects on what we might do now.

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